Good To Go! tolling
incentive pass program

WSDOT is giving a limited number of free Good To Go! sticker passes to SR 99 drivers.

A Good To Go! pass is the only way to pay the lowest toll rate in the SR 99 tunnel.

If you already have a Good To Go! pass then you're all set. All Good To Go! passes will work in the SR 99 tunnel.

Step 1: Decide if the Good To Go! sticker pass is the right pass for you
There are a four different kinds of Good To Go! passes. The sticker pass will work for most tunnel drivers, but if you plan on carpooling in the I-405/SR 167 express toll lanes, have a motorcycle, or a vehicle with metal in the windshield you will need a different pass.

If you need help deciding which pass is best for you, visit our Good To Go! pass page.

Step 2: Answer a few questions to get a free Good To Go! sticker pass
If you decide the sticker pass is the right pass for you, complete a short survey and you'll receive your free sticker pass within four weeks.

How it works:

Step 3:
Activate your sticker pass once you get it in the mail

Once you receive your sticker pass in the mail, you must activate it by adding it to a Good To Go! account. Your sticker pass will not work until it's been added to an account.

How to activate your Good To Go! pass

Need more than one pass? Or a different type of pass?
Don't worry, you can still purchase one online at or by calling 1-866-936-8246. You can also purchase a sticker or Flex Pass at select Fred Meyer and QFC locations.

If you travel I-405 as a regular carpool or motorcycle you can get a free Flex Pass or motorcycle pass while supplies last.

Want more information?


Call:  206-440-4444